Cobley Series 6 – 14th October 2018

This was virtually a re-run of 23rd September with heavy rain and a light wind with the same result, there were only five starters. Adrian used a short course for the first race of X, 9, 6, 8.7 and back through the start.

Ron led for three laps in his Mirror then was overtaken by Chris H (Comet), but then they both retired leaving Mike Tr to take the victory with James 2nd and Rick 3rd.

Adrian tweeked the course using 6, 9, 5, 7, 8, St.
In the handicap race the order remained exactly the same for all four laps and the final positions were 1st Mike Tr; 2nd James 3rd Rick; 4th Chris H. Ron retired on the first lap.

On handicap Mike Tr keeps his first place, but Chris H moves up to 2nd place pushing James and Rick down one place

Thanks to Adrian and the OOD Team of Jerry, Pat G and Will.