Cobley Series 5 – 7th October 2018

James was SOOD this morning and boosted his OOD Team with son Rhys and daughter Bea.

There were 15 starters and a fairly light West wind favoured the early starters and in fact the first boats through the line were still in the same positions at the 35 minute gun. The final positions were –
1st Chris H – Comet; 2nd Karen – Radial; 3rd Chris A – Solo; 4th Sally – Comet; 5th Newton & Ellen – RS200; 6th Richards S – Laser

Olivia who had finished a creditable 12th in the first race decided not to participate in the handicap race, but she was the only non-starter.
Mike Tr (Laser) was first back through the line some 30 seconds ahead of Bill (K1), who was nearly a minute ahead of Ellen & Newton (RS200), then after another minute Rick (Laser) crossed in 4th place.
The next four boats were very close together with Richard S (Laser) just ahead of Chris H (Comet), Mark (Laser) and Karen (Radial). Alistair S (Laser) and Sally (Comet) crossed the line together, not far ahead of Adrian (Vago s/h) and Frantz (Laser), followed 10 seconds later by Paul H Supernova) and Mike C (Wanderer).

At the end of the second lap Mike Tr led, but Ellen & Newton had moved up to 2nd place by passing Bill. Rick was still 4th but Mark had got past Chris and Richard to move up to 5th. Further back Adrian had gained two places and Frantz and Mike C both gained one place.

On the third lap the two leaders had not changed, but Richard S had gained three places to move up to 3rd with Mark up to 4th. Chris H moved up one place to 6th. Alistair gained two places to 8th and Mike C gained four places to 9th. Bill retired on this lap and Alistair, Mike C, Frantz, Adrian and Sally were given the finish gun.

On the last lap Ellen & Newton regained 1st place from Mike Tr, but the only change behind them was Karen getting past Chris H.
The final order on the water was –
1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Mike Tr, 3rd Richards S; 4th Mark; 5th Rick; 6th Karen.

On handicap the first three retain their positions, but Mike C moves up to 4th with Mark 5th and Chris H up to 6th.

Thanks to James and the OOD Team of Bea, Bob H, Chris B, Gareth, Jess B and Rhys.