Gillette 15 – 25th July 2018

It was virtually a repeat of last week, with a light SW wind of about 6 mph. Mike A set a first beat to 4 then 9, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

This week there were 12 starters including Katie S (a friend of Karen’s) in a Radial. Katie normally sails near Aberdeen so she would be used to a bit more of a blow up the kilt than we could offer her. In fact there may have been 13 starters, but no-one was quite sure whether Dave P & Monica were actually trying to cross the line. The same could be said of Mike T although he did eventually get going whereas Dave & Monica settled for pottering around.

Karen (Laser) was first back through the line with John H in another Laser not far behind her. Then there was a slight gap back to Mike Tr (Laser) who was about 20 seconds ahead of Paul H (Laser) who crossed the line just ahead of Mark B (Laser). Nearly a minute later Katie came through the line in 6th place but not far in front of Sally & Stuart (Leader) and Bob (Solo). Then there was another gap before Mike T (Laser) crossed in front of Ben (Radial) and Richard H (Laser) with Chris & Carol bringing up the rear in their 420.

At the end of the second lap the two leaders were unchanged, but Mark had moved up to 3rd pushing Paul and Mike Tr down a place. Further down the fleet Mike T, Ben, and Richard all gained one place.

On the third lap Mike Tr managed to pass Paul H to move up to 4th and Mike T (no holding him now) and Ben both gained another place to move up to 6th and 7th. Chris & Carol received the gun at the end of this lap.

At the end of the fourth and last lap Karen had increased her lead at the front and there was no change in the order of the next six boats, but Richard H gained a place by passing Sally & Stuart.

The final order on the water was –
1st Karen; 2nd John H; 3rd Mark B; 4th Mike Tr; 5th Paul H; 6th Mike T
(Katie actually crossed the line in 6th, but she is not competing in the series)

On handicap the first four remain the same, but Ben leapfrogs to 5th pushing Paul down to 6th.
(Sally & Stuart would move up to 7th)

Thanks to Mike A and the OOD Team of Andy B, Dean (ably assisted on the flags by his little apprentices), Phil M and Rick (who turned up despite swapping this duty with Mike!)