Gillette 14 – 18th July 2018

Yet another hot evening, although there were a few clouds about which did not amount to much, with a light SW wind of about 6 mph. Steve S set a first beat to 4 then X (near to 2), 9, 5, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

This week there were 19 starters and Mark B (Laser) was first back through the line followed by Newton (Solo) and then the Lasers of Ralph, Curtis, Jess and Mike Tr. Bob (Solo) came through in 7th place just ahead of Rick (Laser) and then 30 seconds later the dynamic duo Dave P & Monica (National 12) crossed the line just in front of another dynamic duo, Dean & Nick in the Vago. These were followed by another two Lasers in close company manned by John H and Paul H and then along came the more relaxed duo of Sally & Mike C in the Leader. Mike A (Lightning) and Ben H (Radial) were next across the line and they enjoyed a close battle throughout the race. Some 30 seconds later Ron turned up and he was about one minute ahead of Alistair J (Vago) and Luke D (Ttopper), who were just ahead of Paul in a Laser 2.

On the second lap the first three maintained position, but Jess and Mike Tr passed Curtis to move up to 4th and 5th places. John H and Paul H both gained four places to move up to 7th and 8th respectively. Mike A and Ben H both made up two places and Alistair passed Ron and Paul passed Luke. Alistair decided to retire at the end of this lap and Paul and Luke both received the finish gun.

At the end of the last lap Newton just pipped Mark across the line and Mike Tr had passed Jess and Ralph to take 3rd place. There were no other movers in the right direction apart from Ron who crossed the line just a whisker ahead of Sally & Mike C.

The final places on the water were –
1st Newton; 2nd Mark B; 3rd Mike Tr; 4th Jess; 5th Ralph; 6th Curtis.

On Handicap these positions should not change.

Thanks to Steve S and the OOD Team of Andy B, Graham K, Jill G and William I.