November Cup Race 12th November 2017

A bitterly cold wind of 15-18 mph from the NW with stronger gusts meant that it was a day for the brave. With the wind in this direction it is always difficult to set a start line, but James used X up near the buoy line for his first mark, then 9, 5, 2, 4, 8 and back though the start . He managed to avoid any nasty gybe marks, which at least was some solace to the hardy sailors.
Most of the fleet had opted for a smaller sail, but Jeremy and Franz in Lasers had stuck to the full rig as had Adrian, but he was coming down from his Rooster rig!
As it was Remembrance Sunday a minute of silence was observed before the start of the race.
At the end of the first lap David C was just ahead of Jon, both in Radials, with Paul R in his Aero 5 in 3rd place. Karen (Radial) was just ahead of Adrian (Laser – full rig) and they were quite a way ahead of William (Radial), Chris H (Comet –small rig) and Franz (Laser) with Jeremy (Laser) bringing up the rear.
No change in the front three on the second lap, but Karen retired moving everyone behind her up one place.
On the third lap David still led, but Paul had moved up to 2nd place with Jon, Adrian and Franz occupying 3rd to 5th. William and Chris were having a great tussle for 6th place with Chris just ahead on this lap. Jeremy had dropped back and retired at the end of the lap, but still continued to sail around.
At the end of the fourth lap David and Paul crossed the line together but behind them Jon, Adrian and Franz had become spaced out (probably the cold!). The battle for 6th place continued with William now leading Chris, but by this time they had actually been lapped by the leading three boats.
Paul had a good fifth lap and managed to draw away from David at the front of the fleet, but there were no actual changes in position. William and Chris received the finish gun as they completed their fifth lap.
No changes on the 6th lap although Franz did make up some ground on Adrian and the final positions on the water were –
1st Paul; 2nd David; 3rd Jon; 4th Adrian; 5th Franz; 6th William; 7th Chris
On handicap Chris should move above William, but there should be no other changes, so Paul will take the November Cup.
On a footnote as Chris came into the jetty his boom bracket sheared off his mast, this is bad enough but it could have been much worse if it had happened in the actual race!
Well done to all who sallied forth in these taxing conditions.
Thanks to James and the OOD Team of Catherine B, Tracey T, Newton and Roland L and especially Bea P.

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