30th July Summer Series 9

There was a reasonable SW wind about 12 mph, which increased throughout the morning.
Today was a race within a race as eleven club racers were joined by nine Leaders competing in an open meeting which had started with three races on Saturday and continued with another three races today. This report covers the club racers and the Leaders will be covered separately.
Pursuit Race
At the finish gun the positions were –
1st Jon (Laser); 2nd Peter S (Byte); 3rd Adrian (Rooster); 4th Sylvia(Radial) 5th Mark (Laser); 6th Richard S (Laser)
Handicap Race
Jamie sat the second race out, so the club fleet was down to 10 and first back through the line on the first of three laps was Jon (Laser) just ahead of Mark (Laser) who was 30 seconds ahead of Richard S (Laser) in 3rd place and it was interesting to note that the first Leader actually crossed the line not far behind Mark. Adrian (Rooster) and Rick (Laser) came through close together in 4th and 5th places with Jess B (Radial) 30 seconds behind them in 6th. Sylvia (Radial) and Peter |S (Byte) came through close together (as you might expect) followed by Alistair (Laser) and finally Dave P (Mirror).
There was little change in position on the second lap or the final lap apart from Sylvia gaining two places to move up to 5th.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Jon; 2nd Mark; 3rd Richard S; 4th Adrian; 5th Sylvia; 6th Rick
On handicap Jon should keep 1st place, but Sylvia should move up to 2nd with Mark and Richard down to 3rd and 4th places and Jess and Peter S up to 5th and 6th.
However if the Leaders had been included in the handicap race positions they would have finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!
Thanks to SOOD Chris A and the OOD Team of Mike C, Bill C, Katrina R, Chris S and Tony R’s replacement (sorry your name was not recorded on the race sheet) 

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