Spring Series 3 19th March 2017

It was another very windy one this morning, SW 15-18 mph with bigger gusts coming through. Adrian set the first beat down to 4 then 9, 6, 7 and back through the start.
There were eight starters for the pursuit race and four for the following handicap race, but after that the details on the race sheets get a bit difficult to interpret. It looks as if the OOD Team were having as much trouble staying upright as the sailors were!
Pursuit race
The brave souls who started were Ben H (Topper), Ralph (Pico), Chris H (Comet), Hadey (4.7), William (4.7), Dean & Nick (Vago), Jon (Laser) and Steve S (Aero).
At the finish gun the order appears to be – 1st Steve; 2nd Jon; 3rd Chris; 4th Hadey; 5th Dean & Nick; 6th William, but not all necessarily on the same lap!
Handicap Race
There were four starters for this race, Hadey, Dean & Nick, Steve and Jon, but only two finishers, Steve and Jon and they will have to tell you who won!
Thanks to Adrian and the OOD Team.

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