Spring Series 2 12th March

Last Sunday it was really windy and this week there was very little wind, but there was a lot of rain!
With little wind to work with, James wisely set a short course, Xp, 8p, 6s, 7s, and back through the start.
Pursuit race
There were six starters this week, which is one more than last week!  Chris H (Comet) was first away but by the return to the start line he had been caught by Newton & Ellen (RS200) and Richard S (Laser). Steve S (Aero) came through in 4th with Alistair S (Laser) 5th and Adrian (Vago) 6th.
At the gun the final positions were –
1st Newton & Ellen; 2nd Richard S; 3rd Steve S; 4th Chris H; 5th Alistair S; 6th Adrian
Handicap Race
Everyone stayed on for the second race, which turned out to be a two lap affair. At the end of the first lap Richard S led from Newton & Ellen with Steve S 3rd, Chris H 4th, Adrian 5th and Alistair 6th.
There were no changes in position on the second lap so this was also the finishing order.
Thanks to SOOD James P and the OOD Team of Andy B, John H, Damien M, William P and Bea P

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