Frostbite 10 – 12th February

Unfortunately the wind and course were not recorded on the race sheet, but as there were only 8 starters this morning and six laps were completed in the hour it must have been either quite windy or a very short course!
Paul R (Aero) was first back through the line followed by his fellow Aero sailor Steve S, then the Lasers of James, Rick, Sylvia and Franz and some way back Chris (Comet) and William (4.7).
By the end of the second lap Steve had taken the lead and the only other change in position was Franz taking 5th place from Sylvia.
The only change on the third lap was Sylvia regaining 5th place from Franz and there were no changes in position at all on the following two laps.
On the final lap the only change was – yes you’ve guessed it, Franz regained 5th place from Sylvia.
Final positions on the water were –
1st Steve; 2nd Paul; 3rd James; 4th Rick; 5th Franz; 6th Sylvia
On handicap the only change should be Chris moving up to 3rd place.
Thanks to Peter S and the OOD Team.

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