Cobley Series 9 6th November

It was bright and sunny morning but cold with a NW wind about 12 -14 mph with stronger gusts around 25 mph coming through. Jon and David C returned from their Summer migration or was it just the stronger wind that had brought them back! Julian W did the honours as SOOD and used an Island Start with a first beat to 5, then 3p, 2p, 4s, 1p and back through the start line.
Pursuit Race
There were 16 starters and early starter Chris (Comet) was first back through the line followed by Hadey (Radial), Newton & Ellen (RS200), Sylvia (Radial), Jon C (Laser) and David C (Laser). Richard S (Laser) came through in 7th place leading a train of Lasers, Ralph, Franz, Mike A, Rick, Rod and Mark B.  Bringing up the rear were Peter S (Byte CII) and late starters Adrian (Vago) and Paul H (Supernova) who were finding their larger sail area a bit of a handful in the conditions.
By the end of the second lap Newton & Ellen had come through to lead with Jon up to 2nd, Hadey down to 3rd and David C up to 4th. Rod had gained two places and Mike A one place with everyone else keeping station or losing ground.   
At the gun Jon had got past Newton & Ellen to take the victory. The final positions were –
1st Jon; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd David C; 4th Hadey; 5th Sylvia; 6th Ralph.
Handicap Race
Paul H and Mark B decided to sit this one out leaving 14 starters for the second race of the day and by this time the sun had disappeared and the wind had increased slightly.
Ellen & Newton were first back through the start line closely followed by Jon and David. Ralph was next through in 4th spot just ahead of Richard S, then a slight gap back to Hadey, Mike A and Sylvia.
Rod and Franz came through in 9th and 10th  with Peter S 11th and Adrian 12th with Chris and Rick bringing up the rear.
At the end of the second lap, strong wind maestro Jon was in the lead and he kept this position to the end of the race. The boats in 2nd to 5th places maintained their positions and Mike A moved up one place to 6th, Peter S also gained a place and Rick gained two places.
The third lap saw no change in position for the first nine boats, but Rod had regained a place to 10th.
The fourth lap was the last lap and the only change in position in the whole fleet was David C taking 2nd place from Ellen & Newton.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Jon; 2nd David; 3rd Ellen & newton; 4th Ralph; 5th Richard; 6th Mike A  
On handicap the first five boats should remain the same, but Mike may be leapfrogged by the Radials
of Sylvia and Hadey.
Thanks to Julian W and the OOD Team of Pat, Sophie, Patrick and Colin.

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