Cobley Series 6 16th October

It was a wet morning with a light and variable wind, which was not as forecast and there were only 10 starters! There was no scheduled SOOD, so Ian S, Steve P and Luke A stepped in to run the races.
Pursuit Race
The course for the pursuit race was 2p, 1p, 5s, 7p, 6p and back through the start. Chris H (Comet) was first away followed by Hadey (4.7). Chris nearly managed to stay up front for the whole of the race just being caught by Richard S (Laser) before the finish gun.  
The final positions were –
1st Richards S (Laser); 2nd Chris H (Comet); 3rd Newton & Ellen (RS200); 4th Karen (Laser); 5th Hugh (Radial); 6th Curtis (Radial)
Handicap Race
All 10 boats started the second race with a shorter course of 5p, 9p, 6s, Xp (between 6 and 7)
Karen and Richard initially got away chased by Ellen & Newton, behind them the Radials of Curtis and Hugh sandwiched Adrian in his Vago. Hadey (4.7) came through in 7th place just ahead of Rick (Laser) and these two were some way ahead of Chris H (Comet) and Milo & James (Laser II).
On the second lap Ellen & Newton got past Richard and Hugh had moved past Adrian to 5th place and Rick had moved to 7th place. Milo & James were finished at the end of this lap.
At the end of the third and last lap the first three kept their positions, but Hugh had gained another place by passing Curtis to move up to 4th. There was no other change in position and the final order on the water was –
1st Karen; 2nd Ellen & Newton; 3rd Richard S; 4th Hugh; 5th Curtis; 6th Adrian
On handicap the only change should be Hadey moving up to 6th.
Thanks again to Ian S, Steve P and Luke. 

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