Gillette 20. – 24th August

With a WSW wind of about 8 mph David C (taking a bread from Triathlons) had to set a start line fairly close in to the bank with 5 as the first mark, then 9s, 4p, 2p, 8p,6s,7s and back through the start line.
At the start Rick mad a good attempt to take out some of the opposition by motoring down the line on starboard, pushing the leeward boats before him! 
Despite this there were 13 starters, but no juniors tonight, although Hugh (Laser),who has now moved up from junior to youth or should that be to student, was first back through the line at the end of the first lap, followed by Julian W (Solo), who probably falls into the Senior class!
Sally & MIke C in the first of the three Leaders came through in  3rd place, just ahead of the two Solos of Newton & Bob. Nev & Mike N in the second of the Leaders were 6th. Then there was quite a gap back to Dave & Ann in the third Leader, who were just ahead of Curtis (Radial),Paul H (Supernova), Mike A (Lightning) and Rick (Laser) with Mike T (Laser) and Chris & Carol (420) bringing up the rear.
At the end of the second lap Hugh had increased his lead slightly and Sally & Mike C  had closed up on Julian challenging him for 2nd place. Newton had suffered a rigging failure and came in to retire and Mike N & Nev had got past Bob to move up to 4th. Chris & Carol got the gun at the end of this lap.
On the last lap Hugh went further ahead and crossed the line two minutes ahead of Julian with Nev & Mike C managing to get past Sally & Mike C to take 3rd place. Dave & Ann just managed to pip Bob for 5th place and Curtis and Rick both gained a place.   
The final positions on the water were –
1st Hugh; 2nd Julian W; 3rd Nev & Mike N; 4th Sally & Mike C; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Bob
That’s Leaders in 3rd, 4th and 5th places!
On handicap it looks impossible to split Hugh and Julian for 1st place, so we’ll leave that to the spreadsheet!  There should be no change in the other positions.
Thanks to David C and the OOD team of Jon, Nick, Cliff and Chris.
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