Summer Series 10 – 14th August

A lovely morning, but not much wind about 2 – 5 mph from NNW. Paul R set an Olympic style course starting somewhere above Tektona then down to Xp, 5p, 4p and back through the start.
Pursuit Race
There were only nine starters which was probably due to the absence of wind and summer holidays. After everyone had rounded the first mark the wind dropped off completely for about 10 minutes, but gradually picked up again. There was only one lap and the gun went shortly after the last boat had crossed the line.
The final positions were –
1st Karen – Laser; 2nd Nev – Leader; 3rd Jess B – Laser; 4th Ellen & Newton-RS200; 5th Dave I – Laser; 6th Dean & Nick – Vago.
Handicap Race
Jess and Dave I decided that they could not take any more excitement so sat this one out.
Newton & Ellen were first back through the start line with Nev 2nd and Karen 3rd. Then there was quite a gap before Dean & Nick came through in 4th place with Paul W in a Radial 5th, Mike A – Lightning 6th and Chris H – Comet 7th.
The only change on the second lap was Karen getting past Nev to move to 2nd place and the fleet had split into two groups with the first three boats pulling away.
There were no changes on the last lap, but Dean & Nick did make up some ground on the three boats ahead of them.
Final positions on the water were –
1st Newton & Ellen; 2nd Karen; 3rd Nev; 4th Dean & Nick; 5th Paul W ; 6th Mike A
On handicap Nev should move up to 2nd and Chris H move up to 5th.
Thanks to Paul R and the OOD Team of Bob H, Chris S, David M, David P and Maggie W. 

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