Gillette Series 17 – 3rd August 2016

It was very lively tonight with a WSW wind about 15 mph, but gusting considerably more than that !
Mike N set a first beat down to 4, then 3p, 9p, 5s, 6s, 7s and back through the start.
Some decided that the best place was the clubhouse deck, but 12 hopefuls took to the water.
Ellen (Radial) and Rick (Laser) both capsized before the start. Ellen manged to get going again but Rick had impaled his mast in the mud and did not make the start line. Angela & Paula (Comet Duo) also had problems, but did finally manage to get away some distance behind the rest of the fleet.
First back though the start line was Paul R (Aero with the 5 sail)) followed by Steve S (Laser ā€“ but using a Radial rig). Curtis (Radial) came through in 3rd place with Newton (Solo) 4th, Hadey (4.7) 5th and Nev & Sally (Leader) 6th just ahead of Ross (Laser), who was followed by the second Leader of Dave & Ann. Ellen after her late start had already made up some ground and came through in 9th place ahead of Richard H (Laser) and Mike A (Lightning) with Angela & Paula bringing up the rear.
The first five retained position at the end of the second lap, but Ross had moved up one place to 6th, Ellen was up two places to 7th and Dave & Ann had managed to get past Nev& Sally in the battle of the Leaders. Angela and Paula decided to call it a night after one lap.
Newton retired on the third lap when his boom came out of the gooseneck, but family honour was upheld as Ellen had gained another three places to move up to 4th. The only other mover  was Richard H who had caught and passed Nev & Sally.
On the fourth lap and last lap the only changes in position were Ross taking 5th place from Hadey and Richard H passing Dave & Ann.
The final positions on the water were ā€“
1st Paul R; 2nd Steve S; 3rd Curtis; 4th Ellen; 5th Ross; 6th Hadey.
On handicap there should be a number of changes resulting in ā€“
1st Paul; 2nd Hadey; 3rd Curtis; 4th Ellen; 5th Steve S; 6th Ross
Thanks to Mike N and the OOD Team of Jessica W, Chris A, Nick J, Hugh L, James C and Nigel J.
An amusing and at the time perplexing occurrence was the appearance of a fountain in Mike A’s Lightning. This happened several times during the race and Mike could not understand why this was happening. On reflection the only explanation would seem to be that the pressure of the wind was forcing the nose of the boat down into the water (the mast is set well forward on the Lightning) and to counter this Mike was leaning out to the back of the boat. The combined effect was to force the hull of the boat down into the water and the resultant displacement pressure forced water up the self bailer causing a fountain !
If anyone out there has a more viable explanation Mike would be interested to hear from you.  

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