Frostbite 14 February 21st

Only the brave (or foolish) ventured out this morning with a 20 mph South Westerly, gusting up to 40 mph. Even the SOOD went missing so Hugh stepped up to take his place and set a course of 4P 9P 8P 6S 7S and back through the Start.
Not surprisingly there were only four starters, but as the boats went out it was decided that in the conditions one rescue boat was not enough for even these four boats so Paul R  and Newton  jumped into a second. They all sailed Lasers, but Adrian used a full rig (his idea of scaling down!) and the rest used Radial rigs.
Everyone capsized apart from David C who led from start to finish and did one more lap than the rest. James capsized rather spectacularly with a down-wind death roll with James flying through the air with a double pike with one and a half twists, although the entry into water was far from elegant. Jon went over near the club house and got the mast stuck in the weed, and as it took a while to extract, he decided to retire gracefully (or should that be gratefully)
The capsize tally was David 0, Jon 2, Adrian 2, James 3+, but that might be an underestimation!
The final positions were 1st David; 2nd Adrian; 3rd James; rtd Jon
Thanks to Hugh, Alistair J, Paul R, Gary, and William for looking after the fleet or as Hugh succinctly put on the bottom of the race sheet “Four completely mad people” 

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