Frostbite 13 February 14th

It was a cold morning with a NE wind straight down the lake, about 13 mph gusting mid 20ies and the gusts were unpredictable in direction and strength. Ian C set a Tektona start up to Xp ( that white one) 5p 1s 3s 2p and back through the start. He took the wise decision not to sit on Tektona in the cold for an hour so set the finish near the club house.
There were 12 starters and Newton & Ellen (RS200) managed to get to the first mark with a clear lead. David C (Laser) capsized to windward en route in a lull between the big gusts. Newton & Ellen were rounding 5 for the first time with a good lead when they were hit by a gust while jybing and went for a swim! Their mast got stuck in the mud and by the time they got it up they were at the back and the new leaders were long gone. At No 3 James (Laser) was in the lead until he hit the mark and had to do a turn.
On the second lap Richard lost control in another big gust and capsized into the buoy line and it took him a lap to get untangled. Mark also flew into the buoys and lost time and James went for a swim on the way to No 3 (he obviously does not like this mark). By the end of the second lap David C was in the lead with Newton & Ellen back up to 2nd, Mark B (Laser) came through in 3rd  and Hugh (Radial)  and Hadey (4.7) were going well in 4th and 5th. A little further back James came through in 6th with Franz (Laser) 7th and battling away at the back of the fleet were William and Ben in their Toppers, who received the finish gun at the end of the lap. Adrian (Vago) and Chris H (Comet) had retired by this time.
David C still led at the end of the third lap with Newton & Ellen 2nd and Hugh and Hadey up to 3th and 4th.
By the last lap David C had pulled out a useful lead. Newton & Ellen were still 2nd with Hugh 3rd and James 4th. Mark was 5th with Hadey 6th and Franz was still going well in 7th.
On handicap Hadey will take 1st place from David with Hugh 3rd, Newton & Ellen 4th, James 5th and Mark 6th.

Well sailed to Hadey and Hugh and to the Topper lads who turned out in difficult conditions.
Thanks to Ian C and the OOD team David M, Simon B, Ken P and Kate M.   

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