7th February Frostbite 12

A bit frisky this morning with a 16 mph South Westerly and some stronger gusts coming through.
David C set the first beat down to 4P then 2P, 5S, 8S, 9S, 6S, 7S and back through the start.
There were 11 starters, Alistair S rigged his Laser with a furled main sail but did not actually start. Not surprising as it is difficult to get the furling tight enough to give a decent sail shape.
All of the other Lasers were flying Radials although many were nominally sailing off the full handicap rating.
Ian C (Supernova) was first back through the start line closely followed by Mark (Laser). Hadey (4.7) was going well and came through in 3rd place with Curtis (Radial) 4th and Richard S (Laser) 5th.  Then there was then a gap back to Mike A (Laser) in 6th who was closely followed by Chris H (Comet). Then there was another gap back to Adrian (Vago) and an even greater gap back to Steve P (Radial). Steve S had his mast break and retired as did Hugh (who feared for the welfare of his new boat!)
Ian still led at the end of the second lap, but Richard S had moved up to 2nd with Hadey 3rd, Curtis 4th  and Mark who had a bit of an incident near the buoy line down to 5th. Mike A and Chris H were still together in 6th and 7th places. On this lap we lost Adrian and Steve both capsized at different points.
Steve had capsized eight times but kept going until he finally inverted his boat completely at No 7.
The third lap leaders were the same three boats with Mark making up ground (or should that be water!) in 4th place. Curtis had disappeared after close contact with the bank lifted his rudder off the pintles.
Mike A, after four capsizes including a double, decided to retire when he saw the leaders starting a fourth lap and thought that was not for him. Chris H received the finish gun at the end of this lap.
On the fourth lap Ian capsized at No 5 and then so did Richard. This allowed Mark to come steaming through and he crossed the line in 1st place with Richard recovering to 2nd and Ian crossed in 3rd with Hadey, a very creditable 4th.
So the final positions on the water were –
1st Mark; 2nd Richard; 3rd Ian; 4th Hadey; 5th Chris (one lap down)
On handicap it looks as if Hadey was close enough to take the overall victory, so well done Hadey.
Thanks to David C and the OOD Team, Jon, Mark, Sam and David and to Roland L and Hugh who went out in another rescue boat.

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