Frostbite 4 – 13th December

Looking at the website it appears that the report from the Frostbite 4 race got lost in transmission, unfortunately without Bill Murray’s good luck ! Here it is now –

Frostbite 4 – December 13th

With very light winds about 5 mph NE but veering, Dave I used a running start down to 4, then 9, 5, 8, X and back through the start.
There 13 starters and Newton & Ellen were first back through the start line followed by Ian C, Ken, Dave L and Mark B, then there was slight gap back to James and Rod. Next Mike A and Adrian came through together with another slight gap back to Hadey and Chris H and then Mike C and William.
Mike C had opted for comfort and was out in his Wanderer acquired from Colin H.
Newton & Ellen led for the rest of the race, but Ian missed the start line finishing the second lap and had to go back which dropped him down to 7th, moving Ken up to 2nd.  
After three laps Mark B had moved up to 2nd and Dave L up to 3rd. Ian had regained two places and was now 5th. James and Rod were having a good battle for 6th place as were Adrian and Mike A for 8th place just behind them. Chris H and Hadey were also in close company with Hadey just ahead at this stage. Mike C had drawn away from William but could not close on Chris ahead of him and Mike and William received the finish gun at the end of this lap.
At the end of the last lap Ian had moved up another two places to 3rd and James just got the better of Rod to take 6th. Chris H had just managed to get past Hadey
The final positions on the water were 1st Newton & Ellen (RS200); 2nd Mark B (Laser); 3rd Ian C (Supernova); 4th Dave L (Laser); 5th Ken (Laser); 6th James (Laser).
On handicap Dave L will leapfrog Ian to take 3rd.
Thanks to Dave I who stepped in at the last minute to do SOOD duty and thanks to Bill C and Rick who supported him..

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