Frost Bite 6 – 27th December

Frostbite 6 – December 27th
It was slightly friskier than last week with a SW 14 mph wind with some stronger gusts coming through. James set a similar course to the one used last week but added an extra gybe round 6 with the same beat down to 3, back to 2 then 4, 9, 5, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.
There were 17 starters and most of the Lasers opted for radial rigs apart from the brave trio of David C, Steve S and Alistair S. After an absence of a few weeks it was good to see a Leader out again manned by Neville & Sally.
Strong wind maestro Jon was first back through the start line just ahead of son David and Steve S with Newton & Ellen (RS200) right behind in 4th. There was a slight gap back to Ian (Supernova) and then the two Radials of Curtis and Karen came through in close company followed by Nev & Sally going well in 8th place.  Hadey (4.7) came through in 9th crossing the line with Dave L (Radial) with Hugh and Mike A both in Radials not far behind them. Dean & Nick (Vago) were having a good battle with Rick (Radial) and it was another minute before Chris H (Comet) crossed the line and he was some way ahead of William (Topper) and Alistair S, who was battling on with his full rig.
Jon led at the end of the second lap and indeed maintained this lead to the finish.  There was a great contest for 2nd place between Ian and David C and another for 6th place between Karen and Curtis.
Then there was another great mid-fleet battle for the next five places between Nev & Sally, Mike A, Hugh, Hadey and Dave L. At the rear of the fleet Alistair had caught William, but Rick and Chris were some way ahead of them.
On the third lap David regained 2nd place from Ian with Newton & Ellen a steady 4th and Steve S a steady 5th. Karen and Curtis were still stuck together with Karen just ahead on this lap. In the mid-fleet battle Mike A made right pigs ear of gybing round 3 letting through four boats with Dave L coming through to 8th with Hugh 9th, Hadey 10th and Nev & Sally  11th. The positions behind this group remained unchanged with Dean & Nick still battling Rick. Alistair and William received the finish gun at the end of this lap.
At the end of the fourth and last lap Jon crossed the line in 1st place some way ahead of the rest of the fleet. Ian was 2nd but Newton & Ellen just pipped David for 3rd place. The only other movers on the last lap were Curtis getting past Karen to take 6th and Mike regaining one place by passing Hadey, but she would be clearly ahead on handicap anyway.
The final positions on the water were 1st Jon; 2nd Ian; 3rd Newton & Ellen; 4th David C; 5th Steve S; 6th Curtis.
On handicap Ian will lose his 2nd place and Curtis could take it if he is sailing off the Radial handicap, if not Newton & Ellen and David C will move up places to 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Thanks to James P and the OOD team of Roland L, Dave I, Brian M, Richard M, Louise M and Gary W.
Please remember to sign the Declaration Sheet and make sure that you enter the boat that you will be using for the series and not just for the race, i.e. if you are using a smaller sail to suit the conditions do not enter that as your boat for the race unless you do want the slower handicap figure to be applied !
As flagged on the main page of the website make sure your boat is securely fastened because as Johnny Cash says “the water is ten feet high and rising”
Happy New Year to you all

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