29th November Frost Bite 2

29 November Frostbite 2
It was very windy again similar to two weeks ago and this was reflected in only five starters. The race nearly did not take place, first it was thought it might be too windy, then the OOD team could not get the rescue boats unlocked. Two were locked together with one chain and a padlock that would not unlock, meaning there was only one accessible boat. Fortunately Steve S turned up and just happened to have an angle grinder and saved the day.
There was a shortage of OODs for the conditions so Newton & Ellen decided to swap sail for power. Paul and James decided to drop down a sail size and Adrian decided to reef his Vago and once afloat thought it a good idea to furl the jib as well (an even better idea might have been to stay ashore!). David C set a fairly short course 4P, 8P, 6S, 7S, Start line, so that he could all five in view at the same time.
James (Laser) kept up well with Paul (Aero) for the first lap but then seemed to forget about going through the line on the second and then when trying to correct his error could not get the boat to go where he wanted it to and lost a couple of minutes before crossing the line.
Hadey did well, but had trouble most laps as she rounded 7. She got attracted onto the lee shore by the club house and had trouble getting off in the strong wind. Adrian capsized a few times and on the last occasion after rounding 6 ran out of sea room and drifted capsized into the trees and then retired. William capsized multiple times but bravely battled on to finish.
Well done to all of you for braving the conditions.
The final positions were 1st Paul, 2nd James, 3rd Hadey, 4th William.
Thanks to David C and the OOD Team of Jon, Newton, Ellen and Ralph.

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