26August Gillette Series Race 21

The wind was SW about 14 mph, but at least it was not raining tonight.  Mike N set a long beat down to 3 then 2, 4, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.
At the end of the first lap Ian C (Supernova) crossed the line in 1st with Jon and David C in Lasers crossing the line together battling for 2nd place.

By the end of the second lap Ian had established a clear lead over David with Jon 3rd, but Newton (Solo) was hanging on to 4th place ahead of the Lasers of Curtis and James. Nev & Sally (Leader) came through next in 7th, but were being caught by Ellen in her Radial with Edward going well in his Topper next through the line. The next three boats of Peter S (Byte), David M (Radial) and Luke (Radial) crossed the line together. Alistair S (Laser) retired on this lap, but towards the rear of the fleet Jo and William were battling in their Toppers just behind Dean and Nick in the Vago with Rhys in his Topper and Rick (Radial) further back.

At the end of the second lap Edward and Rhys received the finish gun.

Chris & Carol (420) retired on the third lap as did David C moving Jon up to 2nd place and Newton to 3rd. Ellen gained four places to 4th and Luke who was having a close battle with David M moved up to 8th with David 9th. Mike A (Lightning) and Peter S were also having a close race passing and repassing one another. At the end of the third lap Jo, William, Dean & Nick and Rick received the finish gun.

On the last lap the three leaders were in the same order, but James managed to finish ahead of Ellen and David M had repassed Luke and Peter repassed Mike. Nev & Sally won the battle of the Leaders finishing in 7th with Hugh & Hadey in 12th place.

The final positions on the water were 1st Ian; 2nd Jon; 3rd Newton; 4th James; 5th Ellen; 6th Curtis.
On handicap Newton should move up to 2nd and Ellen up to 4th





























Thanks to Mike N and the OOD Team of Paula, Jayne, Mike C, Colin H, Tony R and Mike T.



Mike Arnott
RIEC Administrator

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