19 August Gillette 20

What a gloomy miserable night with the rain throwing it down and the wind on the light side again. Despite the weather there were 17 starters and 17 finishers ! Good to see Issy and Ross back on the water for the first time in a while but what a night to make a come back !
With a SW wind between 6 and 10 mph Paul R moved 9 slightly further down the lake and used that as his first mark followed by 4, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.
The leader on the first lap was Karen (Laser) followed by David C (Laser), Ian C (Supernova) and Newton (Solo). Then coming through together were the Lasers of Dave L and Sylvia followed a little further back by Ellen (Radial) then the Lasers of Ross and Curtis. Sally and Stuart (Leader – the only double hander out tonight) came through in 10th place being chased by Issy (Radial),David M (Laser) and Julian (Solo), these three came though line abreast. Rick (Laser) was going well, but he may have been sailing a slightly different course to everyone else !   At the rear of the fleet were Mike A(Lightning), Hadey (4.7) and Alistair S (Laser).
By the second lap Ian had gained a lead which he held through to the fifth and final lap, behind him Karen and David C were trading places for 2nd and 3rd all the way through the race. It looked as if David had pulled out a lead on the third and fourth laps, but Karen came back to pip him across the line. On the second lap Ross and Curtis moved up to 7th and 8th by passing Ellen and David M had gained two places up to 10th. Remarkably the boats then occupying 4th to 10th places maintained these positions through the remaining laps to the end of the race. Lower down the fleet Issy had a great battle with Sally & Stuart, Julian and Mike gained a few places to finish 11th and 12th, but they were guilty of loitering on the line to ensure that Ian lapped them at the finish !.  Hadey and Alistair eventually managed to get past Rick.
In the end everyone enjoyed some close sailing despite the miserable weather.
The final positions on the water were 1st Ian, 2nd Karen; 3rd David C; 4th Sylvia; 5th Dave L; 6th Newton. None of these positions are likely to change on handicap.
Thanks to Paul R and the OOD Team Hugh, Roland L and Martin W.

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