12 August Gillette 19

With the wind in a tricky direction, NE varying 6-10 mph, Bob L used a Tektona start with a first beat back to 8, up to 5, down to 4 then 2 and back through the start.
There were 24 starters and it was good to see two new starters Richard Hobson in a Laser and Comet 587 (no name as yet) There was  a familiar 1, 2, 3 at the end of the first lap, Ian C (Supernova), David C (Laser) and Karen (Laser), slightly ahead of Monica (Europe) and Sylvia (Laser) who crossed the line together. There were four Leaders out tonight and Hugh and Hadey (just back from the World Scout Jamboree in Japan) came through in 6th with Neville & Paul back in 14th and Sally & Stuart 17th and Tracey & Barbara 19th. Mike A (Lightning) came through in 7th being chased by Rod and Curtis in Lasers and Julian in his Solo. The other Solo of Chris A was locked in a battle with the Lasers of Chris S, Alistair S, David M and Paula (Radial). Then there was a mini fleet of double handers led by Sally & Stuart with Tracey & Barbara (Leaders) and Angela & Catherine B (Comet Duo) and Craig, Rob & Colum in a Firefly, Dean (Laser) was trying to get free of this battle. At the rear of the fleet Comet 587 was being caught  by Amy in her Europe and Richard H was fulfilling his intention to potter along at the back and see how things went.
Although the winds were light there were some really good battles right through the fleet. Ian managed to pull a lead and stayed out in front for the whole of the race but the battle for 2nd place was closely contested by David, Karen and Sylvia. Rod moved up to 5th place but was harried all the way by Curtis in 6th and behind them Chris A and Mike A had a terrific scrap for 7th place which went all the way to the line. Chris S, Alistair S, David M and Paula were also close together and joined by Dean in the latter stages and Sally & Stuart had eased slightly ahead of the other double handers to join this melee. Unfortunately Monica who had been going well in 4th place suddenly capsized on the way down to 2 on the second lap and as it happened so suddenly it looked like a gear failure.
At the end of the fourth lap Angela & Catherine, Comet 587 and Richard received the finish gun and at the end of the fifth lap so did Julian, Dean, Sally & Stuart, Alistair S, Chris S and Amy.
David M and Paula had sailed a good race in company coming through from 15thand 16th on the first lap to finish 10th. and 11th  Dean after a dodgy start climbed from 18th to 14th. Rather cruelly Nev & Paul just pipped Hugh and Hadey on the line (by only 1 second – must have been the jet lag kicking in !)) to take the honours in the Leader fleet. Amy after another dodgy start climbed from 24th to 19th.
The final positions on the water were 1st Ian; 2nd David C; 3rd Sylvia; 4th Karen; 5th Rod; 6th Curtis.
On handicap the first three should be safe, but Chris A and Mike A might leapfrog Rod and Curtis.
Thanks to Bob L  and the OOD Team Roland L, MB + ANO
Reminder to all sailors – please enter your name on the Declaration Sheet and OOD teams please enter your names on the Race Sheet – thanks

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