22nd July Gillette Series 16

Monica having served last week as SOOD was also on duty this week and again she had a tricky wind direction to cope with. She used X as the first mark, straight out from the jetty) then along the buoy line to 5P, 9S, 4P, 1P, 6s,7S  and back through the start.  
There were 21 starters but Steve S (Laser) and Chris S (Laser) did not make it through the start line after the first lap.
Ian C (Supernova) was first back through the line followed by the Lasers of Curtis and James and the Radial of Luke, who was closely followed by Dave L (Laser). There was a fleet of Leaders out tonight and Hugh & Hadey were in the lead in 7th place with Mike & Neville 11th, Tracey & Barbara 14th and Sally & Bob 17th. It was good to see Julian back on the water in his Solo and he came through in 9th place. Rick in his Laser was taking part in his first race and going well in 12th place. Amy had opted to sail the Comet tonight and was in 16th place just behind William in his Topper. At the end of the first lap Paul R, Hugh & Hadey and Mike A (Lightning) approached the last mark (7) line abreast, poor Hugh & Hadey were in the middle of the sandwich and there was heated discussion about rights (which continued after the race !).
At the end of the second lap the leading five boats were in the same positions, but Paul R (Aero) actually crossed the line in the same time as the Laser of Dave L. Paula (Radial) in 10th place was being chased by Mike & Nev and behind them Peter S (Byte) had gained one place by passing Rick. Dean & Nick (Vago) had decided to retire from the race but continued to sail.
By the third lap Paul R had moved up to 2nd and Dave L was up to 4th place. Mike & Nev had moved up two places to 9th displacing Hugh & Hadey as the leading Leader. Rick had repassed Peter, Tracey & Barbara had got past William and Paul H (Supernova) had gained two places. Sally & Bob decided to retire after three laps.
After four laps Ian still led Paul R, but Dave L had passed Curtis to move up to 3rd. Mike & Nev had moved up another two places to 7th (must have cracked up the outboard !). Peter S, Rick, Tracey & Barbara, William, Paul H and Amy received the finish gun at the end of this lap.
At the end of the fifth and last lap, the first eight boats had maintained station, but Hugh & Hadey regained a place by passing Julian who in turn had managed to get past Paula.
The final positions on the water were 1st Ian C; 2nd Paul R; 3rd Dave L; 4th Curtis; 5th James P, 6th Luke..
Thanks to Monica and the OOD Team of David M, Roland L, Roland and Ryan and ANO (name not on sheet).

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