19th July Summer Series 6

It was a similar wind to last week, WSW about 13 -15 mph.  Karen set the first beat to 5, across to 9 then up the lake to a gybe round 3 a run to 2 and then a run/reach to another gybe round 6, 7 and back through the start.
The star of the first Pursuit Race was Hadey in her 4.7; she was first back through the line on the first lap and stayed there until the finish gun. Luke (Radial) was also going well in his first outing this year and came through in 2nd place with the Lasers of James P, Steve P, Curtis and John W in 3rd to 6th places. Next through the line were Ian C (Supernova), Paul R (Aero), and Steve S and David M in Lasers. William was next through in his Topper followed by Ellen & Newton (RS200) then the two Vagos of Adrian and Dean & Nick and the Harley H2 of Colin H. Ellen & Newton were higher up coming down to 6, but caught a gust and performed some unusual manoeuvres before capsizing.
Mike A (Laser) had retired early into the lap with a jammed mainsheet pulley and Roland & Ryan with excessive weed problems. Gordon and Richard B decided not to start at all.
At the finish Hadey took the honours, James P had managed to get past Luke to take 2nd from him with Steve P 4th, Ian up to 5th and Curtis 6th.
The wind had picked up a bit more for the second race of the day and James and Mike A came together at the first mark and then poor James capsized whilst doing penalty turns. First back through the line was Paul R with Steve S 2nd and Newton & Ellen 3rd, Ian C 4th, Luke 5th, John W 6th, Curtis 7th and Hadey going well again in 8th.  Both Vagos had gone out again for more punishment and Adrian was as usual sailing single handed. William had also bravely ventured forth and was battling on at the back of the fleet.
By the end of the second lap Steve S had taken the lead and Ian had moved up to 3rd pushing Newton & Ellen down to 4th with Curtis moving up two places to 5th with Luke now 6th. Further down the fleet Mike A, David M and Steve P were having a good battle, but a recovered James P was catching them. Rounding 6, Steve P was right on Mike’s transom, but he capsized on the gybe allowing Mike to slip away. Dean & Nick and Adrian in their Vagos retired on this lap and William was given the finish gun.
The finish gun went at the end of the third lap and the first four boats had not changed position from the previous lap, but Luke had regained 5th place from Curtis. John W and Hadey had been battling all race for 7th place and John managed to cross the line just ahead of Hadey.
The final positons on the water were 1st Steve S; 2nd Paul R; 3rd Ian C; 4th Newton &Ellen; 5th Luke; 6th Curtis. On handicap the first two will retain their places, but Hadey will move up to 3rd with Luke 4th.
Thanks to Karen and the OOD Team of Natalie M, Jessica W, James C, Roland L and Stuart C.

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