21 June Summer Series 3

The forecast was for a 12 mph SW wind, but it was actually a bit friskier than that for the 17 starters on Sunday.  James P set the first beat to 5, down to 9, back up to 4 on the buoy line then a brisk reach to 2 then up to 3, a long run to 7 and back through the start,
In the Pursuit Race as usual William in his Topper was first back through the start line followed by Newton & Ellen in the RS200 and then Dave P (Laser). Paul R (Aero) was 4th followed by the five Lasers of Jon, Karen, Steve S, Richard S and Mike A. Next through the line was Mike C (Solo) pursued by three more Lasers helmed by Curtis, John W and Steve P. Then Roland & Ryan in a National 12 came through followed by Adrian (Vago) and Alistair S (Laser).
At the finish gun Newton & Ellen had taken the lead with Paul 2nd and Jon 3rd.  Most other boats had maintained position but Steve S had moved up three places to 4th. Mike A thought he had heard a premature finish gun and started messing about and promptly capsized, so actually finished the race on his side! Mike C was not too pleased as Mike A had told him that the gun had gone, otherwise Mike C reckoned he would have caught most of the boats ahead of him ! (Is that true?)
Dean J in his Vago started the race but disappeared somewhere on the first lap.
Final positions were 1st Newton & Ellen RS200; 2nd Paul R Aero; 3rd Jon Laser.
The Pursuit Series leader is still Richard S but he is now being pressed by Jon.
In the Handicap Race the leaders at the end of the first lap were Newton & Ellen with Paul R 2nd and Jon 3rd.  There was a close midfield scrap between the Lasers of Richard S, Steve S, Curtis and Steve P. Dave P retired on this lap, but not sure why.
The second lap saw the same two boats lead through the line and the biggest mover was Karen up from 10th to 6th. There were three retirements on this lap, Alistair S, Dean J and Roland & Ryan.
At the end of the last lap Paul R had taken the lead with Newton & Ellen 2nd and Jon 3rd (looks a familiar podium !)
Roland on being asked what his boat was, replied a b***dy handful. There are quite a few of these regularly sail at RSC !
The Handicap Series leaders are Newton & Ellen and they are going well in the RS200 so could take some catching.
Thanks to James P and the OOD team of Phil M, David M and Tony R.

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