20 May Gillette 7

The usual jolly sailor was not so jolly tonight as he was home in bed with flu, but there was a good fleet of other jolly sailors and 22 started the race and it was good to see John H out in his Comet and young Ben out in his Topper.
First back through the start line was Ian C (Supernova) followed by the Lasers of Karen, Curtis and Sylvia. Newton (Solo) was next through in 5th place with Monica 6th and Hugh in a Radial 7th, then another three Lasers John, Dean and Mike T. In 11th place was Paul H in another Supernova followed by Peter S (Byte), Mike C (Solo), Ellen (Radial) and Chris A (Solo). Next came the battle of the Comets with Tracey leading the way in front of Angela & Paula (Duo) and John H. Chris S (Laser) was mixed up in this as was Leader 1254 (no names on the race sheet, but suspect it was Rob, Craig & Colum or any two from the these three !)
Last but not least were Ben (Topper) and Roz & Paul getting to grips with the Laser 2000.
Second lap and the only change in the leader board was Curtis nipping in front of Sylvia to 3rd and Mike C moving up five places to 8th.
At the end of the third lap the first eight boats had maintained position, but Paul H had moved up to 9th, Peter S up to 10th, Ellen up to 12th and Tracey to 13th.
Last lap and Ian C crossed the line in 1st place with Karen 2nd, Curtis 3rd, Sylvia 4th and Newton 5th. Monica would have been 6th, but she was disqualified for being over the line at the start ! (that’s no cakes and tea for Steve S and he’s probably off the Christmas Card list).
The significant movers on handicap were Karen who took the race win from Ian. Newton who took 4th place from Sylvia and Peter S who moved up to 6th place, also young Ben who moved up from 19th to 11th.
Thanks to Steve S and his OOD team, Catherine B, Nick J, Alistair S and Mark H.

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