3rd May Spring Pursuit 8

With a 13 mph West wind, Rod set the first beat up to 4, down to 2 then a run up to 5 and on to 6, down to 7 and then back through the start.
At the end of the first lap William came through in 1st place in his Topper, followed by Chris A (Solo), Newton & Ellen (Laser 2000) and Mike A (Lightning).
Hugh was going well in a Radial until his outhaul came adrift. He returned to shore, fixed it and then rejoined the race one lap down and kept going until the finish.
William managed to stay ahead for three laps before being caught first by Newton & Ellen and then by the Laser pack led by David C and Jon C and this pair made their way through to the front and led to the end. Richards S and Karen were not far behind the leaders and they had a terrific battle all race long as did Dave L and Curtis behind them. Curtis managed the distinction of the only capsize of the day. Phil A had another good race taking 6th place.
Unfortunately no intermediate lap times or places were recorded, but at the finish gun the final positions were –
1st David C; 2nd Jon C; 3rd Richard S; 4th Karen; 5th Newton & Ellen; 6th Phil A

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