29 April Gillette Series 4

 The wind was a brisk  W 13 mph and Karen set the first beat up to 5 back down to 8 and then up to 4, back down to 9 and then across to 6 and 7 and back through the start.
There were 14 starters, it would have been 15, but Newton sat on his tiller and cracked it before he could get started.
Good to see Clive E again, who had brought his Lightning down for one of his occasional visits. Dean had volunteered to crew with Hugh in the Leader, he had obviously not heard that Hugh was working his way through the club members and not many of them were getting away without an early bath !
First back through the start was David C (Laser) followed by Ian C (Supernova), Clive E, Mark B (Radial), Curtis (Laser) and Sylvia (Radial). Then came the two Solos of Julian and Mike C in 7th and 8th places, closely followed by Ellen (Radial). Hugh & Dean were 10th, just one second in front of Peter S in his Byte, who was six seconds in front of Paula (Radial). At the back of the fleet Mike A (Lightning)  and Paul H(Radial) were having their own battle.
There were a few capsizes and Mark B and Curtis got entangled rounding 4 with Curtis coming off worst, capsizing and losing several places. There was a vigorous exchange of views about rights and water !
At the end of the second lap the first four held their positions but Sylvia, Julian and Mike C had all moved up one place due to Curtis’ misfortune. Paula had moved up three places to 9th and Mike a had moved up two places.
The first five had retained their places after three laps, but Curtis had regained two places and Julian had retired (not sure why). Ellen had moved up two places to 8th and Peter and Paul had also moved up two places.
Lap four and the first six were the same as the previous lap, but behind them there was some really close racing with lots of passing and repassing. Ellen had managed to get past Mike C to move up to 7th. Clive retired at the end of the lap as he had places to go.
On the fifth lap Curtis managed to pass Sylvia to move up to 4th, but everyone else maintained their places.
The final positions on the water were 1st David C; 2nd Ian C; 3rd Mark B and these will not change on handicap although Sylvia will take back 4th place from Curtis.
Thanks to the OOD Team, Karen, Stuart, Sally, Nick and Colin.

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