15 March Spring Pursuit 2

The second race of the Spring Series, but not much like Spring weather as there was a brisk 10 mph North Easterly with a cold edge. Chris A  used a Tektona start with a beat to X (set in the middle of the lake NW of 8) then across to 8 a run up to 5, a nice reach to 2 and then another run to 3 and back through the start.
There were 17 starters and first away again at 3 minutes was William P (Topper) followed at 12.5 minutes by Peter S in his Byte and Mike A (Lightning) at 14.5. At 15.5 minutes the Leaders of Neville & Sally and Hugh & Hadey sallied forth with Sylvia (Radial) and Mike C (Solo) going 30 secs later and Newton & Ellen (Laser 2000) another 30 secs after them. At 19 minutes the eight strong Laser pack set out with Ian C (Supernova) going at 20.5 minutes.
At the end of the first lap Peter S came through in the lead with William P 2nd, Mike A 3rd and Newton & Ellen 4th.
Peter S was still in the lead at the end of the second lap but then realised he had not been going down the lake as far as No 3 !  It was a long way back to re-round so he decided to retire. William was still 2nd but Newton & Ellen had come through to take 3rd.
By the third lap David C (Laser) had taken the lead with Newton & Ellen 2nd and Curtis in another Laser (What – no Otter !) was up to 3rd with Mike A hanging on to 4th but being closed down by the rest of the Lasers.
In the meantime Hugh & Hadey had capsized twice and had a boat full of water so decided that was enough water for one day !
The fourth lap leaders were the same, but Richard S (Laser) had moved up to 3rd pushing Curtis down to 4th  with Ken P (Laser) 5th and James P (Laser) 6th. Ian had caught some of the Lasers and was 7th followed by Sylvia in 8th.
After five laps the first five boats had maintained their positions but Ian C had moved up one more place to 6th. Jon C (Laser) had gained two places and Steve P and Alistair S both in Lasers had  gained one place.
The final gun went before the end of the sixth lap with most boats maintaining their position, but Ian C made up one more place to 5th and Steve P also gained another place.   
The final positions were 1st David C; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Richard S; 4th Curtis.
It was definitely a Laser day with only two other boats in the top ten.
Hugh and Hadey had a terrible day, not only did they capsize twice but Hugh put his elbow through the aft buoyancy tank inspection cover and then one of the stub axles on their trolley broke !


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