15 February Frostbite 13


With a light North East wind Ian C used a Tektona start with a beat to X (middle of the lake NE of No 8), then back to 5, down to 9 then 2, 3 and back through the start.
There were 22 starters and Newton & Ellen (Laser 2000) came through in 1st at the end of the first lap, followed by a quartet of Lasers, Jon, David C, Ken P (making a welcome appearance) and Dave L then Peter R in his Enterprise came through in 6th with Curtis (Laser) 7th and Steve S (Solo) in 8th closely followed by Sylvia (Laser).
There was a trio of Leaders out (boats not pathfinders) and Neville led this particular battle crossing the line in 10th with Mike & Sally 11th and Hugh a little further back in 18th. Just in front of Hugh we had a new competitor in a new boat, Mark C in his RS 200 (pleased to have you join us Mark). Ahead of Mark were Peter S (Byte) and Mike C (Solo).
By the end of the second lap David C had moved up to 1st and Peter R up to 2nd with Jon 3rd and Newton & Ellen now 4th.  Steve P had gained the most places moving up from 13th to 7th, Alistair S gained four places, but James P decided to retire after a number of close encounters had resulted in penalty turns and young William who was out again in his Topper received the gun at the end of his second lap.
 At the end of the third and last lap David was still in the lead but Jon had retaken Peter R for 2nd with Newton & Ellen 4th. Ken P and Steve P had passed Dave L and they finished 5th, 6th and 7th respectively with Steve S coming through in 8th. Neville had gained two places to finish in 9th and Peter S gained two places and was close enough to the boats in front of him to move up considerably on handicap. Hadey was also close enough to make significant gains on handicap.
The final positions on the water were 1st David C; 2nd Jon; 3rd Peter R, but on handicap Newton & Ellen should take 1st with David 2nd and Peter R 3rd.
Peter S and Hadey on handicap should move up to 8th and 9th respectively.

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