8th February Frostbite 12

A nice breeze and the sun was shining, it could almost be Spring apart from the ice on the lake ! Despite the ice there were 19 starters.
John W and team used a Tektona start and the bottom end of the lake to avoid the ice near the clubhouse. First mark was No 5, then down to 2, across to 3, along the buoy line to 4, down to No 1 and back through the start line.
David C (Laser) was leading at the end of the first lap followed by Jon (Laser), Steve P (505), Paul R(Aero) and then Adrian in another Laser. The middle of the fleet was a closely contested Laser pack with Mark B, Dave L, Rod B, Sylvia and James P all within 50 seconds of one another. Hugh in his Byte came next with Mike & Sally (Leader) a little further back in close company with Peter R in the Enterprise. Mike C (Solo) and Hadey (4.7) were very close together  being chased by Alistair S (Laser), Peter S (Byte) and William in his Topper.
Steve P had taken the lead on the second lap with Paul up to 2nd pushing David and Jon down to 3rd and 4th. Rod B had moved through the Lasers from 9th up to 5th with Sylvia also going well moving up three places to 7th. Peter R had also moved up three places passing Mike & Sally, Hugh and James P. Peter S moved up two places by passing Hadey and Alistair.
Another new leader at the end of the third lap as Paul came through the line in 1st place followed by David 2nd, Jon 3rd and Steve 4th. Rod had retained 5th spot but Sylvia had moved up another place to 6th.
David C had regained the lead on the fourth lap and the Laser pack battle continued with Mark B coming through to 5th pushing Rod and Sylvia back to 6th and 7th. Peter R and Mike & Sally had moved up another place and Hugh and Hadey were now alongside one another, not sure if they were battling it out or simply having a good chat!.
On the last lap David missed his toe strap and capsized which let Paul through to 1st and Jon to 2nd with David just managing to pip Steve for 3rd place. Mark had managed to hang on to 5th with Sylvia coming through to 6th. The other movers on the last lap were Alistair and Peter S who both moved up two places by passing Hugh and Hadey who crossed the line virtually together.
The final positions on the water were 1st Paul, 2nd Jon, 3rd David, but on handicap both Jon and David should leapfrog Paul.

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