01 February Frostbite 11

A cutting 20 mph N to NW wind reduced the number of starters to 13, but in such conditions it was a tribute to their enthusiasm and bravery that they started at all !
Bob L and team had set the first beat up to 6 then down to 9 back up to 5 on the buoy line, down to 3 and then down to 2, up round the island to 8 and back through the start line.
David C (Laser) decided to give everyone a chance by capsizing 10 seconds before the start gun and Steve P (Laser) capsized three times and took a mouthful of water before the first mark ! This focussed his mind considerably and he finished the race without further mishap.
First back through the start line was Jon (Laser) followed by David who had recovered quickly from his pre-start spill to work his way up to 2nd.  Newton & Ellen (Laser 2000) came through in 3rd with Steve S (Laser) 4th. Then the Lasers of Curtis, James and Adrian came through locked together with Sylvia and Hadey close together a little further back . Next through was Peter S in his Byte and then there was quite a gap back to Steve P trying to make up ground after his three early capsizes and he was followed by William (Topper) who had done well to complete the lap despite four capsizes on his way round. Ian C had impaled the mast of his Supernova and did not make it back through the start line.
Steve S decided to call it a day as he had tweaked his back and William also decided that was enough swimming for one day. Sylvia came to grief rounding 6 and also impaled her mast in the mud so that was the end of her day.
At the end of the second lap the first three were in the same order but Curtis had suffered a couple of capsizes letting James and Adrian through to 4th and 5th respectively. Hadey had moved up two places to 7th with Peter S 8th and Steve P 9th.  
There was an interesting diversion when the orange buoy line came adrift. The rescue boat fixed it once but it came adrift again and at one time it looked as if it would cut off No 5 from the course !
On the third lap Curtis capsized again injuring his arm which forced him to retire.
Jon was still leading David at the end of the lap but Newton & Ellen had dropped back slightly but they were some way ahead of James and Adrian who were having a terrific battle for 4th place. Hadey was going well in 6th place but being gradually caught by Steve P who had got past Peter S, who had suffered a number of capsizes.
By the end of the fourth lap David had managed to pass Jon with Newton & Ellen still in 3rd. Adrian crossed the line just ahead of James and then promptly capsized on the way up to 6. Steve P had managed to get past Hadey  and they were given the gun at the end of their fourth lap along with Peter.
At the end of the final lap none of the positions had changed, but Adrian was back ahead of James who presumably had capsized to let him through again.
The final positions on the water were 1st David C, 2nd Jon, 3rd Newton & Ellen, 4th Adrian, 5th James, 6th Steve P, 7th Hadey, 8th Peter S .
The only change on handicap will probably be Hadey taking 6th from Steve.
The only finishers not to capsize were Jon and Newton & Ellen, although David’s capsize was before the start gun !
Top of the Capsize League was Peter with 5, including two double capsizes, then William with 4 wet capsizes and James with 4 dry capsizes. Curtis and Steve had 3 each and Adrian had 2, one of which was a double.
Well done to all who sailed !!

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