11th January Frostbite 8

Bright and cold with a 16 mph SW wind and quite gusty made a change from last week.
All the Laser sailors decided to go for Radials apart from Adrian who came down to a full sail from his Rooster booster! Steve P abandoned his 505 and joined the Laser Radials and Hugh and Sally got together in Hugh’s new Leader, as Hadey had gone for her 4.7. The only other boat out was young William who bravely ventured forth in his Topper.
Roland S set a beat down to 4 then 3, back to 2 and across to 5 with a run down to 6 and back through the start. In the gusty conditions 3, 2 and 6 were interesting gybe marks!
14 Boats started and the leaders away from the line were David and Jon C and Steve S, all in Lasers, closely followed by Ian C (Supernova) and Newton & Ellen (Laser 2000). Slightly further back came Hugh & Sally (Leader) then James P, Adrian and Mike A (Lasers) with Curtis in another Laser still further back followed by Steve P and Dave L (Lasers) then Hadey 4.7 and William in his Topper.  
On the first lap Ian came to grief and got his mast stuck in the mud and was passed by most of the fleet as he tried to free himself. At the front of the fleet the first four boats were having terrific battle with David C leading the way. James P dry capsized, which allowed Adrian and Mike to slip past him.
On the second lap Dave L suffered a double capsize and disappeared from view eventually retiring on the third lap. Steve P had a few capsizes but kept plugging on. 
By the third lap Adrian had pulled away from Mike who was being caught by James, but these Lasers had managed to get past Hugh & Sally. The four leaders were still locked together at the front of the fleet. Hadey had suffered a number of capsizes and managed to dredge a considerable amount of mud from the bottom of the lake! William was given the gun at the end of his third lap.
There was little change in position on the fourth and fifth laps, but the racing was still tight. The leg from 2 to 5 was a really exciting high speed plane. Hadey was given the gun at the end of her fourth lap and Hugh & Sally and Steve P were finished at the end of their fifth lap.  
Hugh & Sally had survived a near capsize and managed to fill the Leader with water up to the gunwales.
At the end of the sixth and final lap Steve S won the battle of the leaders crossing the line in first place with Jon 2nd, David 3rd and Newton & Ellen 4th. Adrian finished slightly behind this group in 5th and James who has passed Mike the previous lap just managed to hold him off on the last run to take 6th.
The final positions on the water were 1st Steve S, 2nd Jon C, 3rd David C, but on handicap it looks like Newton & Ellen will take all three Lasers for the eventual honours.
The Capsize League was in operation for this race and Steve P was the clear winner with five, followed by Hadey with three and a double, Ian C claimed three, Dave L had at least one double and James had one dry capsize. Hugh & Sally and probably others had near capsizes and there were numerous instances of trailing booms
An invigorating Sunday morning !  

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