7th December Frost Bite 3


Well after two light wind weeks the wind finally arrived and was 14 mph, slightly gusty and from the West. David C set the first mark to 3P followed by 2P 4S 9P 5S 8P X S , X was placed straight out from the jetty half way across and the start was from Tektona.
Some of the Lasers decided to go for radials (Karen and Curtis), Sally (Comet)  and Peter R (Enterprise)  both rigged but Peter thought it was on the edge for a single handed and Sally and Peter decided at the last minute to go together in the Ent – good move.
Chris A and Alistair S signed on, but decided it was a better plan to watch rather than swim !
At the launch the wind got up a bit more and was a lot gustier. Forecast was for 25mph gusts and that was probably right. A couple of boats capsized before the start including Ian C (Supernova).
At the first mark Karen was leading from Peter R & Sally then Newton & Roz (Laser 2000) then Peter S (Byte). By the second mark it was still Karen ahead followed by Newton & Roz, then Peter R & Sally. As Karen rounded 2 a gust hit her and she capsized, but recovered quickly leaving Newton & Roz in the lead. Peter R & Sally hit 5 and then had trouble doing the penalty turn in the gusty conditions, and lost a lot of time. This allowed the Lasers of Dave P, Dave L, Curtis and Rod B to move up to 3rd  to 6th places respectively. Ian recovering from his capsize at the start was battling with Adrian (Laser) for 7th place. Mike C (Solo) was 10th behind Peter & Sally with Peter S bringing up the rear having lost a lot of time on the first lap and may have capsized?  Sylvia must have capsized on her way to 9 on the first lap and got parted from her boat that started to get blown away. The rescue boat plucked her out.
On the second lap Karen was hit by another gust at 3 as she prepared to gybe. This time the mast went into the mud and despite her efforts she could not get it up. (know the feeling !) Jon pulled her out and she retired. Newton & Roz had a large lead by the end of the second lap, Dave L had moved up to 2nd and Ian had worked his way through the fleet to 3rd with Curtis and Adrian neck and neck for 4th
At the end of the third lap Newton & Roz were still leading, but Ian was now up to 2nd with Dave L 3rd and Dave P had moved up to 4th.
The first three remained unchanged at the end of lap four, but now Adrian had taken 4th with Dave P 5th and Rod B up to 6th. This group of Lasers was having a terrific scrap just behind the leading three boats.
The fifth and final lap saw no change in position throughout the fleet, but with the wind steadying slightly Ian had started to catch Newton & Roz but they managed to hold him off and crossed the line just 4 seconds ahead.
The final positions on the water were 1st Newton & Roz, 2nd Ian C, 3rd Dave L.
The only change in position due to handicap was Peter & Sally gaining one place to push Curtis down to 8th, however it should be noted that Curtis is now the series leader.

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