24 August Summer Series Race 11


With a light fickle wind, Phil M and team had set a short beat to No 8 then up to 5 and across to 2 to 3 and then a long, long run to No 6.
Before the start Newton & Roz had to return to shore as Roz insisted that their stowaway, a Grasshopper, be safely returned to terra firma. (Good on you Roz). Newton reluctantly agreed as he did not want to chance being penalised for a jump start !
Dave I decided to create a bit of mayhem up at the pin end by crossing the line early then coming straight back round hitting Amy pushing her into Mike and rafting the three boats together just as the gun went (not really what you want at the start).  At the end of the first lap, Ian C (Supernova) came through 1st, (now there’s a change !),followed by Curtis (Laser), Peter R single handed in his Enterprise and then Dave L (Laser). Julian (Solo) was in 5th place, but then there was a line of boats only separated from one another by seconds. This flotilla was led by Newton & Roz (Laser 2000), Mike C (Solo), and then the four Lasers of Mike A, John W, James P and Dave I, followed by the two Leaders of Nev & Paul and Sally & Mike. Eddie B was on his own in 14th place with a gap back to Tracey (Comet) and Amy (Europe) who as usual were stuck together, but interesting to see Amy out in Paul R’s Europe. Not sure if this is a permanent change of craft or a try it and see. Behind them Jess (Radial) and Hadey (4.7) were having a good battle with Paul W (Radial) trying to catch them. Good to see Paul D (Radial) out again and the Toppers of William and Rhys P gamely bringing up the rear of the fleet.
The second lap saw the four leaders cross the line in the same places, but Newton & Roz and Mike A had slipped past Julian. John W, James P and Dave I were having a terrific scrap in their Lasers in midfield. Sally & Mike and Eddie B had got past Nev & Paul and behind them Amy had passed Tracey, but only just! Paul W and Hadey had both managed to get past Jess, with Paul D, William and Rhys still in the same order at the back.
Third lap and the first five remained the same but Julian had got back in front of Mike A, and Nev & Paul had moved up three places by passing Sally & Mike, Mike C and Dave I. Eddie B had moved past Amy and Tracey, who were still stuck very close together and Hadey had passed and pulled a gap on Paul W with Paul D closing up.  The Topper lads William and Rhys did not come round for the third lap having been finished early the lap before, but well done boys !
Again at the end of lap four the leading five boats were in the same order but Ian was pulling a significant lead out at the front. Mike A had passed Julian again and these two were trading places every lap and between. John W and James P were very close together and had slightly pulled away from Dave I and Mike C who were both just behind Nev & Paul. A little further back Sally & Mike were sailing in isolation and behind them Amy had opened up a slight lead on Tracey.  Paul W had a good fourth lap and repassed Hadey who was now having to fend off Paul D with Jess a little further back.
The fifth and last lap saw some dramatic changes as the wind fell away, but Ian was still well away at the front with Curtis now some way behind him, but still in 2nd. Dave L and Newton & Roz had both managed to take Peter and push him down to 5th.  Julian had passed Mike A and managed to drop him on the run down to No 6. Then John W and James P also passed Mike and Dave I made up ground to join this battle. At one point there were four Lasers line abreast running down to No 6. By staying out on the buoy line Mike managed to round 6 in front of the other three Lasers who all came round together with Dave I managing to pip the other two right on the line. James P was obviously overcome with excitement and took a dip immediately after or even in the act of crossing the line.
The final positions on the water were 1st Ian , 2nd Curtis, 3rd Dave L, but Newton & Roz will probably squeeze into 2nd on handicap.

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