20 August Gillette Series Race 18

A NW 9mph wind gave Curtis and team difficulty in setting a start line, finally resolved by Paul R dragging No 5 down towards No 6 to give a first beat up towards the orange buoy line followed by 6 and 7.
Hugh and Curtis sitting in the Committee Boat at the starboard end of the line suffered mild whiplash when T boned by a Laser just at the start. It’s getting a habit for Curtis, he must be getting to like it !
Fast away and first round the first lap was Newton (Laser) followed by Ian C (Supernova), Steve S (Solo), Dave L (Laser), Julian (Solo), Dean (Laser) and then Chris A (Solo). A right mixed bunch of boats in the leading group. There was then a slight gap to Nev & Mike N (Leader) who were closely followed by Dave I (Radial), Bob L (Laser), Paul H (Supernova), Amy (Comet), Peter S (Byte) and Sally & Laura in another Leader. Sylvia was between this group and the following group of Tracey & Carole (Leader), Chris & Carol (Sport 14) and Alistair J (Laser) and further back still was Alistair Scott (Radial) and Grace (Topper).
By the end of the second lap, Ian had taken the lead and Dave L had passed Steve to move up to 3rd and Chris A had moved up to 5th.  The other notable mover was Sylvia who had moved from 15th to 12th to join a tight midfield scrap with Mike A, Amy and Paul H with Bob and Peter just ahead of them.
At the end of the third and final lap the leading six boats were still in the same order but Dean had squeezed past Nev & Mike to take 7th spot. Paul H came out on top of the midfield battle, but Sylvia had moved up further to 9th place, but probably not far enough ahead of Peter to beat him on handicap.
The final positions on the water were 1st Ian, 2nd Newton, 3rd Dave L, but then there were the three Solos of Steve, Chris and Julian in 4th, 5th and 6th places respectively. The Solos were probably just too far back to displace the three leaders, but it is likely that Newton will take first place from Ian on handicap.
Well done to Grace for persevering in the only Topper out tonight.


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