29 June Summer Series – Race 4

SOOD Adrian Frost and team had a difficult start to set with the wind coming from NE at 10-11 mph.
The first beat was up to 6 and with 21 boats the start line was quite crowded, after 6 it was 9, 5, 3, 2, 8 and back through the start line and at the end of the first lap Dave L came through first followed by Ian C and Karen.
By Lap 3 Ian C had taken the lead from Dave L and held it to the finish with Dave hanging on to second place on the water. Meanwhile Karen had been overtaken on Lap 5 by Ken P then Newton and Roz, and then on the last lap by a fast finishing Steve P in his 505.
Newton and Roz had gradually worked their way through the fleet from 9th on the first lap to 3rd at the finish. The other notable mover through the fleet was Steve P who came from 8th on the first lap to 5th at the finish.
In the middle of the fleet there was quite a battle between Nev & Sally (she gets around!) in the Leader and Rod B, James P, Phil A and Sylvia in Lasers and Mike C in his Solo, with Rod B finally getting to the fore.
There was a near miss when Mick G got stuck in a patch of weed and was nearly taken out by James P then Nev & Sally who all approached on starboard expecting Mick to move when he was stuck fast!
Monica, Mick G, Dave I and Gordon P all decided to retire on the 3rd lap, but Oswin, Laser; John C, Topaz and Paul D, Radial, persevered to get the finish gun.
The final placings on the water were 1st Ian C, Supernova; 2nd, Dave L, Laser; 3rd Newton & Roz, Laser 2000, but on handicap these positions will probably be reversed with Newton & Roz taking the final honours.

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