25 June Gillette Series – Race 10

Another lovely summer evening with a typical light wind, but once out near the buoy line the wind was actually stronger than it looked from shore. Bob L  stepped in as SOOD at the last minute and set an interesting sausage course, (but not as good as the pasta course provided by Geesje later!)
First mark was X followed by 4 down wind and back through the start to X.  No excuse for anyone missing a mark in this race, although Monica did accuse Julian of doing just that!
Karen was first round the first mark followed by Curtis, Ian and Julian, and Karen stayed ahead for the rest of the race. Ian moved up to 2nd place on the second lap with Curtis 3rd and Julian 4th. Curtis and Julian battled for the rest of the race with Julian taking 3rd place on the fourth lap and holding it to the finish. 
The battle of the Lasers (behind Karen) was won by Curtis with Dave L next followed by Rod B. The battle of the non-Lasers (behind Ian) was won of course by Julian in his Solo, followed by Mike A, Lightning, and Monica, Europe.
The only two-man boat out was Sally and Stuart in the Leader (by name but not by nature!), they were accompanied by Phil M in his Solo for two laps and then they all decided to come in for an early supper. Hugh persisted in his Byte for four laps and was relieved to get the gun without having to do the final lap and then he put his boat away in record time to make sure of his place at the table!

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