18 June Gillette Series – Race 9

What a beautiful evening, clear blue sky and the sun blazing down. Prior to the race a number of sailors decided to try out the new RS Aero, which is pitched as a Laser competitor,(probably be told that the Lasers will be no competition for it).
Thanks to Paul Robson for organising that with RS. Paul and Monica have already decided to buy one and the comments from other sailors were favourable.

David Clay and team had a difficult task setting a course as the wind was coming from anywhere between North and East at about 9 mph at the start of the race and from nowhere at the end of the race !
Karen led at the end of the first lap, just, from Ian C, Dave L and Curtis, then there was a bit of a gap to Mike A, Sally & Stuart, Simon B and Sylvia. As the race progressed the wind dropped and the two Leaders (boats not places) and the Solo, Topaz and Comet Duo decided that they could no longer stand the excitement and retired.
Paul had come out in the Aero with the intention of swapping halfway with Monica but not sure that happened as the wind died. Good on young Hugh who went out single handed in a Sport 14, but he was probably the only one who was happy the wind decreased instead increasing.
Some lucky people were finished one lap early and the leaders managed to catch the last of the wind to finish in a reasonable time. Further down the fleet it was a slow to very slow drift to the finish.
Mike A had a paddle to the shore race with Tracey and Amy T and was holding his own single handed (literally) until mother and daughter teamed up on the Comet towing the Topper behind. It was then no contest and Mike was caught by Simon using the belly down before the mast double handed technique ! This was arguably the closest racing of the evening.
Whilst everyone else had started supper on the sundeck poor James Primrose, Dave Isaacs, Mike Todd and Sylvia were stranded on the far side and wondering if they would get back in time for breakfast.
The final placings were – 1st Ian C, Supernova; 2nd Karen, Laser; 3rd Dave L, Laser; 4th Curtis, Laser. (Had to mention Curtis as he said that otherwise he would not do the washing up – as it turns out he was only kidding as he wanted to wear his very fetching pinny!)

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