The pinkies arrived in their droves, youngsters, oldies and lots in between!
25 people had – the ‘enjoyed’ word doesn’t feature, as Monica a self confessed non cook was in charge – breakfast…..ably assisted by Carole and Tracey who had bravely camped the previous night in that horrendous storm. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, not only from the children, while the fish enjoyed the remains of the over cooked bacon!
Monica set a course from Tektona assisted by Ian, Mike and David in the safety boats and after a briefing in the clubhouse – many were racing for the 1st time – the 22 boats were starting, some very impressively, well done Louis.
The standard of sailing amongst the youngsters was impressive – Teddy in his new Topper was going very well when he was called in to go to a football match! Poor Louis had a gear failure which meant he lost a few places, Rhys had a little help with his rigging as did Amy.
The pictures show what an amazing fleet was on the water and how well everyone coped with the gusty winds.
But all too soon the blue flag went up and we were finishing – the usual Pink Fleet style disqualifications followed – Alice and Amy T just ‘going too fast.’ William, James and John having some unknown liquid on board their Pico…?? Dean and Lucy looking too good with their spinnaker…..and Amy P was pronounced the worthy winner, to everyone’s applause she collected the Pink Fleet cup. Well done Amy, – some great sailing!!
Meanwhile, Barbara was hard at work in the kitchen with the food preparations for the camp sail BBQ.
After a hasty lunch, Pirates were soon being briefed by Gary at the log and some 27 boats and kyaks were off again, watched over by Gary, Sylvia, Tracey, Alistair, James, Steve, Nigel and co… the safety boats. Some were practising their sailing skills in preparation for Level / Stage 2 in a few weeks.
There was the collection of treasure, other games and of course lots of capsizes, with prizes being awarded for the most treasure picked up, the best capsize, well done Grace and the most capsizes….around the bonfire later in the day.
Camp Sail – the gazebo was erected and the food preparation continued in the kitchen under Barbara’s watchful eye.
The fun in, on and around the water continued till sunset, watched over by parents, aunties and grandparents, enjoying a cooling glass or 2! The food was delicious, thank you Barbara and her assistant Son.
The fire was lit, old boats burned and a game of American football, thanks Dave, was organised, while we enjoyed our beers and wine on the deck.
All too soon it was late and people drifted off to their tents, well fortified…..
Thank you to everyone who helped with the massive preparation and the mega clear up. On Sunday morning, with breakfast over, the Sunday racers took to the water.
Mention must be made of the 15 people who attended the work party on Saturday morning and armed with trimmers, shears etc did a great job of clearing the foliage from the drive and especially around the outer gate.
Another fantastic week end at the club, with young and old all having a great time!

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