Particularly good level 1 and stage 1 RYA course over Easter

Particularly good level 1 and stage 1 RYA course over Easter with all trainees completing the syllabus ahead of time and finishing the course as level1+. Boat rigging and launching/recovery was a particular triumph for everyone.
The weather was ideal with fine skies and 8/10mph winds, warm, even hot in the sunshine. A far cry from the gales of last year when we had to cancel one day.
Our seven beginners turned up on Good Friday looking a bit concerned about what we were going to do to them but were soon on the water, much sooner than they expected. They all seemed very pleased with themselves by lunchtime, having been reaching between buoys and most not yet having capsized, except Max who seemed to be on a mission to dunk his sail at every opportunity. The five adults were all outright novices but soon got the hang of things and by the second afternoon were all sailing a steady and controlled (mostly) triangular course: neat tacks and gybes, close hauled and broad reaches, returning to the jetty without any severe impacts.
The two juniors both had some Pirates experience under their belt and started ahead, quickly picking up the RYA approved methods and chasing the adults round the course by the second day. Jess in particular seemed keen to get back to Pirates and show off her new found skills to the others.
Post course feedback suggests that despite tiredness, bruises and aching muscles all trainees had enjoyed themselves and felt a real sense of achievement. They are all booked on level 2 or stage 2 courses in June/July and will be down practicing between now and then – if you see them going round and round in tight circles please give them a hand, they will appreciate it.
A rewarding aside was a new member who trained with Neilson in Greece: he popped down to see what he was missing and was amazed that our trainees rigged their own boats on day one when Neilson don’t cover that at any stage!
 Philip Markham

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