13/10/13 Cobley. 8

The Jolly Sailor had a taste of winter this morning. it was cold and wet as 12 brave (daft) souls took to the water in 10 knots of north westerly breeze and gusting and horizontal rain. 

Keith and his team of ODs cleverly arranged the course so that, after the starting sequence, they could retire to the shelter of the deck and observe the race at a safe distance. 

With the wind forecast set to increase, many of the Laser sailors were sporting Radial rigs and it was definitely dry-suit season. 

In addition to the usual clutch of Lasers, there were a few two handers out including Dave and son a little eager on the start line in his Wayfarer, Haidey with her new crew Sally in her Pico and Newton with Roz in their Laser 2000. 

There was one retirement early on when Chris Andrews  lost the rudder from his Solo. time to call out the club diver to retrieve it maybe? Some were to heard to speculate that he might have done this on purpose as an excuse to finish the race and escape to the warmth of the club house. 
Five fast laps later, the top three were jostling for first place. Karen was in the lead with 45 seconds to go at buoy no. 6, when a sudden gust knocked her over, although she was quick to right the Laser, she lost two places. Rowland took first place, with Richard nudging Karen into third place. 

Soup and rolls, provided by Wendy from the OD team, were gratefully received. 

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