6/10/13. Cobley Race 6

Very little wind greeted the sailors. It didn't greet the S.O.O.D. Because he or she didn't turn up! Thankfully O.O.D. S who were there did a great job with help from other sailors and the course was set and the race countdown started on time. Everyone started but it took some of the sailors and age to cross the start line. Julian in his Solo couldn't take anymore of the punishment and retired before the first mark. Thank you Julian , because soon as you retired the wind started to fill in . You must of been a sacrifice to the Gods ! The slower boats had a disadvantage over the faster boats because the laser mob and Steve in his 505 soon caught them up.

Karen and Peter started to pull away from the catching pack. They then had clear wind and there was no stopping them, the wind picked up further to a force 2 and The Jolly Sailor thought it was becoming quite enjoyable !

Steve and Mike were doing very well but typically sailing in a pursuit race , the faster boats caught up in the last couple of minutes of the race . Four boats past Steve and Mike, how cruel

It can be.

Final positions are

1st. Karen. 2nd. Peter. 3rd. Steve.

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