November Pink Day

If the 65 people who intended to come, had ‘rocked up’ it would have been a fantastic turn out……but the 12 of us that did turn up for the November Pink Day had a great time! Paul and Barbara fortified us well with a scrummy breakfast, Ken gave us a comprehensive briefing, about flags and the course using most of the lake! Monica helped Ken start the race, though with the new, fantastic starting horn, her help was some what superfluous! The 9 starters were a little ‘line shy’ but with a bit of help / hindrance the sailors got around the course – Alice and Dean had some close sailing / touching……Newton and Steve both showed off their spinnaker skills, while the other Steve got in with Kris in her new Comet to give her some help with the rear rig – Monica, unimpressed with Steve’s Solo, sailed it back to the shore for him. Robbie and Pat had some ‘juggling’ to do to get Robbie’s mirror really ‘going’…..
But the winner was undoubtedly Ben, who was the only person who sailed the right course, going through the starting line on each lap….everyone else was disqualified!! – well done Ben and don’t forget to polish it every week!!
NB. The next Pink Day is the great Xmas party on Dec 8th – numbers are limited – so if you want to be there to see Father Xmas and maybe get a pressie…??? contact Monica asap.
November Pink Day

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