Cobley 10 – Racing Report

The forecast for this race was just plain silly! No wind at 10 a.m. then increasing through the morning to 25 miles an hour! Yeah right!!!!! The Jolly Sailor heard the sailors laughing at the forecast.

The sailors limped to the start line at Tectona. Not many this Sunday, due to the rain we had earlier in the morning. Steve in his 505 was very confident, he decided to sneak out of his house without Lynne and sail the race on his own.

The wind slowly appeared from no where! The boats started to speed up, Newton and his gang allowed everyone a chance to get to the start line on time. The only problem we were going to get tired before we even started

Mike was the first casualty in his Solo, he only managed two legs of the race before he took to a very watery grave!  The same happened to Steve in his 505, perhaps he should have noted the weather forecast, yes the forecast was right.

About half the fleet dropped out during the race, the leading sailors were David and Chris.  Who was going to win this race??? David kept ahead all the way until he tacked and got himself in irons. This let Chris overtake him and cross the line first.   The Jolly Sailor can’t repeat what David said, but he was given some advice – PUSH PUSH or PULL PULL David.

1st Chris 2nd David 3rd Jon.

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