Cobley 8 – racing report

The Jolly Sailor had a feeling it was going to be one of those days. The S.O.O.D. Ken was concerned about the lack of members of his team, fortunately Brian was happy to leap in and give a hand.

24 boats took to the water , the wind was forecasted to pick up as the race went on. The start line was evenly balanced so you could start from any end. Chris in his Firefly had a a good start and was determined to stay ahead of the laser mob! Mike in his Leader had a new crew, the rumour goes that he traded Sally in for a better one! It was good to see Stuart.

So the lasers finally sailed off , Jon and Karen cut through the fleet like a knife through butter, followed by Mark. Where was Davd? He was way down the fleet and making no headway. The Jolly Sailor overheard him saying there was a bit of a mix up over Jon and his sail bag. So Jon had David’s sail. Could this be why Jon was sailing so well?????
Mark had a problem again at the buoy line. He said someone untied his main sheet knot and during a nasty gybe his mainsheet decided to untie itself, well that’s his story anyway.
Well done Chris in his Firefly for fighting off the fleet to come a very good third!
1st Karen, 2nd Jon, 3rd Chris
Cobley 8 – racing report

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