Cobley 5 – Racing Report

This time the wind was blowing, blowing hard. Some of the laser sailors were wishing they had a 4.7 rig. 18 boats took to the water. Were any of them going to finish?

The first casualty was Adrian in his laser. He said his tiller extension joint broke just before the start. The next boat to take an early dip was Steve and Lynne. Lynne was determined to keep her hair dry. She said she has just washed it. Next they will be putting make up on before they go out onto the water. Unfortunately they got their mast stuck in the mud and took them the whole race to get it out. Karen was sailing very well until she too capsized so 3 out of 18 were out of the race. Chris soon caught up Paul and they both had David Lomas snapping at their heels. Mark produced a bit of skill in his laser and managed to get his boat underneath the buoy line. The only way out was to sail in the rowers part of the lake. Luckily they weren’t rowing at the time.

1st. Chris. 2nd. Paul. 3rd. David.

Well done David.

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