Cobley 4 – Racing Report

Sorry for the late posting of this racing report, the Jolly Sailor is still trying to dry out from all the rain.
The weather forecast was RAIN , RAIN and more RAIN!!!!!!!!! That’s exactly what we got. The Jolly Sailor felt very sorry for the O.O.D. s  . They were not looking forward to doing their stint.  A big thank you goes to Roger and Monica for stepping into the shoes of Colin. He is recovering from an operation. Hope to see you at the club at Christmas Colin.
So 17 boats rigged and took to the water, well I lie!  16 , David was getting out of his car when the count down sequence started.  David was going to give us a head start again!!!!  Don’t worry David Father Christmas will buy you a alarm clock!
Hugh was first to leave with his Byte. The wind was expected to pick during the race. Hugh wished that happened now. Buoy 9 was the first mark and it was slow progress.  Do the position of the line , all the boats started at the far end. When the Lasers started it was a case of who had the biggest shout had the best place for the start. Some them had to start 3 row down bit like a Grand Prix Race. Jon took and early lead closely follow by the pack. The leg X to 2 was a very long and slow, about 10 lasers were in a row shouting water. Newton choose a perfect line to the mark but couldn’t find the brake and nearly speared Dave with his spinnaker pole.  I’m just pleased Richard and Alicia weren’t here!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon maintained his lead until the last lap then karen passed him . Jon face said it all!!!!
So the finishing positions were
1st Karen,    2nd  Jon,  3rd  Mark

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