RYA training

Sat 25th August saw 10 lucky girls / ladies having a day’s coaching with Vicki, an RYA coach from Queen Mary training centre. In the preceding days we were anxious about the weather, forecast to be very wet and very windy….in the event we had a great day on and off the water in various boats……a Sport 14, a Leader, a Mirror, a Europe, several Toppers and a couple of Lasers.
We sailed a triangular course with everyone receiving individual coaching, concentrating on the 5 essentials, which we had gone through before taking to the water.
During the lunch break, we were able to ask questions and ‘address’ all our individual problems – Vicki was brilliant and had all the answers.
In the afternoon the wind really increased but most of us took to the water again to practice starting and sailing a lap. There were quite a few capsizes, with Fran entertaining us by throwing herself out of the Leader …….we think Tracey gave her a push??!!
It was a great day, thank you so much Vicki for all your patience and tips on how to go faster and beat those ‘boys’ – also thank you to Brian and the other power boat drivers who helped us.

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